Sunday, July 13, 2014

Exploring the Indian Tribal Organizations (ITO) Model Further

The Indian Tribal Organizations (ITO) model allows me to use the concepts I talked about in earlier blogs (see for example the Basic Concept articles) and some of the structures discussed (see for example the Insurance for Electronic Transactions or Turnstiles). Now we can put the elements together fully and build an interchangeable small value gross real time payment system (SVGRTP) and its accompanying monitor and put it in a kit. Diagram 19 shows an expanded diagram of the ITO SVGRTP.

Diagram 19 More Details for an ITO SVGRTP

Diagram 19 shows several structures that require explanation and definition.


Taxes used in this design are an account(s) receiving funds from traffic flow at a configurable percentage for a discreet time period. The monitor design allows configuration of the tax switch. For example, I will create two tax accounts for the ITO SVGRTB. One I will name the old chief’s benevolent fund, and the other I will name the ITO SVGRTB capital improvement fund. I set the goal of the benevolent fund at a 1000 dogmas from the planet Criterion in the region of Plato. I set the rate at .035% and throw the automatic cutoff switch. I have no goal for the improvement fund and set the rate .0122% and the currency type. I can configure the monitor to show actual and projected acceleration and velocity of funds traffic to tax pools.  I chose to place the tax siphon where it is quite arbitrarily; The ITO can place it anywhere multiple times; its position and multiple instantiations has quite a few consequences.

Outside Access

All outside traffic arrives at the ITO SVGRTP in a standard data protocol, preferably an ISO standard. At some point I will publish a HTML tagged standard (using ISO 20022 as a guideline) that will encapsulate all traffic possible in and out of the ITO SVGRTP. I hope also to set up a project where I can gather the funds and the technical talent for an ISO technical committee to hammer out the details of an international specification. However all that is later, Diagram 19 does not show possible extensions between the access point and the SVGRTP. For example the ITO may decide that they do not want to issue virtual currency to the public, so they sell the production to a certificate authority (CA) and the CA in turn allows consumers to insure the currency purchased before issuance from an independent insurance marketplace. Many such configurations are possible; however each configuration need an evaluation for risks and vulnerabilities.

Access to Other SVGRTP

The access to other SVGRTP in some respects is the common light bulb threading that allows any organization to connect with any other and perhaps swap retailer databases depending on how close a relationship they want to form. As shown the ITO can create any administrative and auditing controls they see fit. The data protocol for the flow should use the same ISO 20022 type standard discussed earlier.

Next Blog: Connecting the ITO SVGRTP to Other Organizations

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