Monday, July 14, 2014

Connecting the Payment Modules Together

Our small value gross real time payment system (SVGRTP) now has form, and some functions, and some controls. Yet, the real reason for the design was the ability for its implementers to connect with like payment hubs. For example a national retailer hooks into the Indian Tribal Organization SVGRTP, then, they can exchange virtual currency between them in real time, swap their retailer databases so their retailers can accept the same currency, thereby reducing bank card network fees while growing their customer base. Diagram 20 shows connected SVGRTP

Diagram 20 Connected SVRTP

The configuration becomes infinitely scalable as shown in diagram 21

Diagram 21 Growth of SVGRTP

The design is complete, however, the devil in any such undertaking, is always in the details. The design gives a unique risk profile. I will explore that risk profile in the next several blogs.

Next Blog: Introducing the Concept of Pressure

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