Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Evasion Detection Filters do not always require Behavior Detection Filter in SNAP Applications

Occasionally, I will write specifically for the SNAP EBT forum and not publicize the post except in my linked-in page and the Food Stamp Benefits (EBT) Fraud Group.  This is one of those occasions.

When I read of some of the investigations lasting years, and the announcement of a prosecution, I wonder if the investigators deployed a rudimentary evasion detection filter before announcing the prosecution.

Presume the cardholders frequenting a prosecuted vendor are trafficking regardless if they are or not. Presume that when investigators announce a prosecution, cardholder traffickers will now seek other opportunities to materially gain from their needs-based benefits. Within a local region, the new trafficking vendor will attract the trafficking cardholders after the shock of prosecution diminishes. The EBT evasion detection filter shows the amalgamation of cardholders evading detection from the publicly announced prosecution.

Some may wish to preserve precious investigation budgets by sending notes to cardholders frequenting publically declaimed trafficking vendors and letting the cardholders off (or not) with a note. This activity does not make proper use of fleeing cardholder data which may lead to the next high value trafficker.

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